Brigitte: 0030.6949415198, Andreas: 0030.6972535958

Leave 11.30 am

Andreas will pick you up in Perseas from Pollonia harbour.

We’ll set sail towards Kimolos, then go along its coast, stopping here and there for a swim and taking in the great views on the way.

Around 2pm

We’ll berth at a beautiful beach on the island of Poliegos for a hearty, vegetarian-friendly barbecue and there’ll be plenty time to swim and relax too.

On our way back to Milos we’ll enjoy some refreshments, and see hidden caves and magnificent rock-formations in a spectrum of colour accentuated by the changing light of the evening sun.

Around 7.30 pm

After having captured the volcanic landmark of Glaronisia against a setting sun, we’ll arrive back in Pollonia, most likely with smiles on our faces.

Food and Beverages

We’ve got everything on board: local sweets, vegetables and fruit from our own farm, steaks and cheese from local suppliers (no supermarket stuff!), wine, beer, ouzo, plenty ice-cold, non-alcoholic drinks of course, and sometimes even fish or calamari caught by Andreas himself.